Cold Chain

What’s in your package? DaVinci’s Cold Chain Design engineers partner with our clients to determine the most effective solutions for all aspects of shipping their precious temperature-sensitive cargo.

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DaVinci and their development partners’ disposable reagent reservoirs provide various sterile solutions to suit our clients’ needs. Our disposable reservoirs are designed to accommodate all multichannel pipettors. Manufactured in a clean room facility free from human and animal contact to prevent contamination.

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Sterile Barrier

Packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices needs to perform at a superhero level. The expert team at DaVinci has the knowledge to validate your packaging using a DaVinci-developed process that analyzes performance from design to prototype, to production including test plan development, test plan execution, and a final report for our client’s records.

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Locking in quality without compromise is our mission. DaVinci’s genius is evident in the performance of our heat-sealing equipment that quickly secures our client’s simple to complex hinged trays.

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